Nodding Off with Didi


Lots of giddiness for our first visual artist collaboration - with @didinyunyu! We imagine Didi’s illustrations to be what bouncing around the Land of Nod would be like - a day at home or out could always be comfy and fun. Winding down doesn’t have to be slow and quiet. 

Didi’s pen illustrates every kind of person in a loving fantastical, cartoony style that is all its own. Land of Nod is all about the same - made with coziness for all. With our new collection’s bright swirls and vibrant colors - there couldn’t be a better match!

Here's a brief interview we did with Didi on their personal style and how they choose to wind down. 

A. How long did it take you to come up with your design style and what was that journey like for you?

It took about six years. The fuel for my crooked and wiggly style has been my Social Anxiety Disorder. The journey's been wonderful as it provided a safe passage to spill out my nervous energy but at the same time grueling, for I was functioning unmedicated. However, I see a psychiatrist now. My meds have largely demonstrated their usefulness to make my anxiety *way* more manageable. Renewing that fuel to draw has been a struggle lately though. So the part of the journey at the moment is rut. :p

B. At what time of the day do you think you are most creative and why?

I try not to use the computer outside of office hours so most illustration ideas wash through me during work hours (when I browse during breaks).

C. Who are other artists you admire? Design-related or otherwise.

I love Jeffrey Cheung's illustrations to bits! I first saw their work in a comfort room in Makati and I saw my jumpy, nerve-wrecked self. I also particularly loved Laura Jayne Hodkin's Nailbiter animation for the same reasons.

D. What is relaxation for you?

I will only be able to relax after we topple down the wrETCHED SYSTEM OF CAPITALISM THAT DOES NOT ALLOW FOR RELAXATION!!!
Kidding aside, relaxation would be naps, and reading books on revolutionary movements and atrocities of imperialists.

E. Do you have any rituals before bed?

I hang out in an LGBTQ+ discord server where I am one of the moderators of. We have members all over the world! I ban trolls (we get a lot of them because apparently hateful people have a lot of time in their hands) and I try to iron out arguments between verified members so I can have a peaceful sleep with less Staff pings XD

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