Nodding off with Tisha


"I've always been a great sleeper but for the last year or so, I've had problems with falling asleep. My mind would be racing with never-ending thoughts about everything, which made it impossible for me to sleep well."

"Eventually I found that calming down at the end of the day, even a few hours before I actually have to sleep, helps. Winding down has become an important part of my day. This can be from taking some time to draw on my iPad or listening to music while I do my skincare routine."

"I wanted to put together songs I would listen to as I'm winding down for the day. Something to play in the background while I get ready for bed."

Friendly reminder for those experiencing revenge bedtime procrastination: you’re not alone. 🌝 Despite our many tasks and thoughts we have in a day, dedicating time for purely downtime and rest is just as important.

We’re nodding off with @juanabe.rp for some mid-week unwinding— hope you get that a good night’s sleep #SleepWithNod 💤